”If you can’t do – teach!” 

Said no one intelligent ever. I imagine being a teacher is going to be one of the hardest but most rewarding job I will have. Ok, I guess some teachers are lazy and get kids to teach themselves via textbooks and films, but let’s be honest, not many of them could get away with that any more – even if they wanted to. 

What makes a great teacher? My favourite lessons at school were the ones with the best teachers. They were the ones that actually cared if you passed or failed. The ones that put thought and effort into each and every lesson. 

Then there were the lessons with casual flirting. The ones that cared a little bit too much whether my friend had a good weekend and what she had just tweeted about… So much so that he also casually forgot to tell me the coursework I spent hours on was actually irrelevant as I couldn’t submit the topic I had chosen anyway- great! Oh and then there was that time that my teacher stood up in front of the whole sixth form and called me “manipulative” because I had gotten most of the students to sign a petition saying that we wanted our teachers to actually turn up to our lessons… 

But then I will always remember the teacher that inspired me so much I ended up turning from someone who would get kicked out of class, to someone getting 50/50 in a piece of coursework, and loving it so much that actually I would have kept writing if not for the word limit. 

Teachers have so much responsibility it’s crazy. You literally have someone’s future in your control. Ok so it’s not like being a doctor where the decision you make will determine if the person front of you will live or die in the next 30 seconds. But actually the decision you make, to watch one more episode of Netflix & wing it or to plan your lesson throughly, could potentially determine the shape the next 30 lives in front of you for the next 30 years. 

I probably would have gone to uni if I had different teachers, and that   thought alone pushes me to want to be the best teacher I can possibly be. 

 “If you can’t teach, please don’t”


4 thoughts on “”If you can’t do – teach!” 

  1. Life is all about learning; regardless of where you’re at in it. Being a teacher is, as you say, a huge responsibility. They’re guiding the young minds and without passion for the work, their efforts may dwindle and kids may be lost. I feel you learnt a lesson here and, if you carry your passion with you, will be a true advocate for young minds.

  2. Your post has totally brought up memories of my 7th grade history teacher, who told me I was one of the most outspoken and unmanageable students, and yet he hopes his daughter grows up to be just like me. Awkward much? haha

    I think about what it means to be a good teacher on a daily basis, and I think about what sort of balance I’d like to achieve between being a nanny in the private sector and being a teacher in a classroom. I like to think of great teachers as those who guide students through material, then give them the confidence and opportunity to come to their own conclusions, building that autonomy every class period.

    The fact that you’re making a conscious effort to learn and develop is fantastic, and I wholly support the teacher love!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

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