Doesn’t Life get in the way

I can’t believe it has been two weeks since I last posted. So much has happened and I’m not proud to admit it but I have not made any progress towards my TEFL course.

I have been so wrapped up in planning my boyfriends birthday, yes literally. I made sure he got the Perfect Presents, the Perfect Cake and the Perfect Surprise Party. There were hours of organising and planning to make sure that he really truly had the best birthday. Yes – it was exhausting.

The presents: I bought him a printer. Ok yeah, its kind of boring but I have always been a sucker for practical presents. He has recently started a photography business, and I just though that every self-employed guy must need a printer! I also bought him some fancy photo paper so he could print out his works of art (which he has edited on the Photoshop that I bought him last year). I also bought him; some fancy chocolate, a game, some new slippers to replace his ones that have been slowly beginning to crawl away and a fancy protein mixer so he might actually use the protein powder he bought 3 months ago sitting unopened in his kitchen cupboard…

The cake: our mutual friend at work knows this girl who is crazy talented for making cakes so I asked her to help me design a cake for my boyfriend. It was triple chocolate and in the shape of a Xbox 360 controller. I then had the added task of figuring out how to transport it from my friend’s house to my house, and then from my house to his house without it becoming a very expensive lump of mushed up icing.

The party: well honestly he hates parties, so much so he practically begged me to not throw him a party. So instead it was more like a surprise “social gathering”. I organised for him and his friends to go Go-karting, I even managed to get in contact with his friends from school that I have only met once before and only invited his close friends from work. Everyone had a great time,  and surprisingly so did I!

I’m happy that I did it, and that my mission was an overall success he did have a great birthday. But boy I am relieved it is over now.

I know that if my plans go ahead I won’t be around next year to celebrate in person with him. I wanted to create some memories for us to hold on to when I am far far away. We both realise that me going away to Teach abroad will be a massive strain on our relationship but we also realise that there will be a bigger strain if I don’t go. He doesn’t want to be the person that stops me living my dreams out and I feel like I have so many more adventures to go on before I am ready to settle down.

Neither of us know what the future will bring. Change is scary and uncomfortable, but it is also where we grow and where we learn more about ourselves and each other. No matter the outcome, good or bad, you won’t be the same person that you were going into it and that’s ok. You have to make the most of the situation you find yourself in right now because tomorrow you might not get the opportunity to say “thank you for being a rock in my life during this time”; whereas this time, I could and I did.

Now its time for me to go back to constructing sentences in the Present Perfect tense rather than Perfecting printer shaped Presents.



3 thoughts on “Doesn’t Life get in the way

  1. You know as much as I enjoy planning for the future, I think it’s important to remind yourself to dip back into the present for a while and enjoy what you have while you have it, so plan away! no joke though, where did the past two weeks go?! I think we both got sucked into a time vortex. Onward!! 😀

  2. Well done Beth! I’m sure all your efforts paid off and he had an awesome Birthday 

    Life definitely does just get in the way sometimes, and we just can’t help it. My weekend plans were thrown completely off by things happening in my life and last month when I was doing my “Write Every Day” challenge Life definitely had other plans for me then too. I think it’s important that we actually LET Life get in the way, because it often interrupts with something important, and at the same time we just make sure that in the background we’re taking note of the other things… Just so we can catch back up when the time is right! If life takes over too much, we lose control, but if we try to control too much, we’ll lose our sanity!

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