Trying Endlessly to Find Love


Love isn’t a problem actually, it’s finding a job I love that is my issue!

Last year I completed a 120 hour TEFL course and I have since been going through what can only be described as the most long winded job interview process to be a teaching fellow in Columbia. I sent through my CV to about fifty schools in South America and I had one response… One chance is all I need! The first part of the process was to send in an application form, so I went through, telling my life story as you do, and the fifth line down “which university did you study at?” my heart sunk, maybe this wasn’t my one chance after all. At this point, I thought it was better to be open and honest than go through all of this red tape to find that they wouldn’t accept me even if I had the best application in the world.

So I emailed explaining that I didn’t go to university but I did an apprenticeship and I am in a professional job and most of the people I work with have had degrees and over 30 years work experience… Basically, I am not stupid. A piece of paper, or lack of, does not define who I am or what I am capable of achieving. I thought it was hopeless, because the application said it in black and white “degree required”, but I had to say my peace anyway.

Two weeks passed and I had no response, so I let it go and applied for a few other jobs. Until one night after work when looking for a shopping confirmation, an email appeared “sorry for the late reply…” my heart fluttered, is this my chance? Does she understand that I am a capable human?

Only time will tell.

Have you been through an interview process abroad? I would love to know I am not alone in my frustration that not having a degree is bringing me!






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