The little things

Isn’t it weird how someone can enter your life and change it completely almost over night.

It is stranger still that when they leave again, they never really leave. Because like it or not they are apart of you now.

The new food, music, shows, culture, expieriences youve shared now influence your taste, your preferences and your sometimes even what you desire.

But its also the little things you miss, the silence where there once was humming, the joke that no one else would get but that one person, the way they knew what you were thinking before you knew it yourself.

Do you know what i’ll miss the most? His eyes. The way that I can look into them and feel like i’m the most magical person in the world. The way that there was no bad day that couldnt be salvaged by a cuddle and a cuppa. The way he laughed at my jokes like I was the funniest comedian in the whole world.

I miss it all. Because actually it was these little things that created “us”, it wasnt the grand gestures, proposals or earth changing things, it was the way he knew I was crying, even when it was dark and I wasn’t making a sound.




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