Dear Heart,

Dear Heart,

It’s ok to feel adventurous, bold and strong.
It’s also ok to feel a little scared.

For it wouldn’t be an adventure if you were doing something safe, something familiar. Adventurers still feel fear, but they go anyway. For they fear the regret of not going will be greater than anything you may cross on your path.

Adventurers still fear death but the fear that haunts them the most is being dead before their pulse has stopped. Living pay day to pay day or weekend to weekend, simply surviving the days in between. That is the thought that terrifies them the most.

I know you are going to feel this pain that you carry wherever you are. Whether we’re sitting on my sofa at home together or whether we are exploring a new city or lake. The difference is that you are much more likely to heal when you are exposed to beautiful new places, than you will be staring at that phone waiting for a text that we both know isn’t coming.

I know you are broken and I am sorry I let this happen. I promise that one day you’ll look back at this time and realise it made you smarter, stronger and even more determined. You’ll look back at this with happiness for it is no ones fault, as much as you try to blame yourself. You both loved each other with all you had, and you grew and grew and grew together but at the end of the day it’s not just your decision. It’s mine too. As much as you’ve tried to ignore me,¬† you can’t make it work by yourself. You need me to see the things you are blind to.

You are a bird. One day you came across a tree, from your perspective the tree seems perfect so you built your nest their. Over the months, the tree has provided you with warmth, shelter, food and safety. You love this tree, and your nest you have built there but at the end of the day you are not a tree you are a bird and you need to go explore. For what is the point of being a bird if you do not use your wings to fly? Yes you may miss the warmth and all the comforts the tree bought you, but once you have the seen the wonders of this world you will be so happy of the sacrifice you made. And once you’ve been around the world and seen all you long to see, you will find another tree to build a new nest in or if you are lucky you will find your way back to your first tree. Because that’s the difference between birds and trees, you will always find your tree right where you left it.

Its time to fly the nest, go on your adventure, feel the fear and do it anyway. Then one day you will return home where you can rebuild your nest and provide yourself with everything you’ve ever needed. This isn the end of your story, its only just the start.

We’re going to get through this together.

Yours sincerely


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