A fresh start

Most people see the New Year
As their new beginning, a fresh start

But for me its Autumn
That hits refresh on my heart

Tis’ the season of jumpers
Pumpkins, colour and change
It always make me question why
Letting go always feels so strange

For some people are with you
For just a moment or a season
To help, love or guide you
Whatever the reason

Remember the summer but
Don’t be sad when the leaves fall
Sometimes God takes things away
So He can show us who we all are

What lies beneath the surface
The beauty hiding underneath
Is only truely revealed
On the falling of that last leaf

At first you might feel empty
You might feel cold and bare
But that is when you realise
Only God is ever truely there

For he is your roots and foundation
He holds you up, so you can stand
For he holds your whole life
In the palm of his hand

So bring on this fresh start
Rid me of all I once knew
For it is here in this emptiness
That I can truely know You


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