Thank you

Thank you for your patience, with upsets, with anger, with hormones and with tears;
with dreams, with immaturity, with illlness and with fears.

Thank you for your kindness, through cups of tea, cuddles and thoughful gifts;
through laughter, through encouragement and endless lifts.

Thank you for your love; for inviting me into your home, your family and life;
for telling me that someday, I’m going to be an amazing wife.

Thank you for your support, for never giving up on me even when I had myself;
for holding my hand through this shit storm, never once thinking of yourself.

Thank you for your attention, for the compliments, the adventures and the cinema dates;
for the netflix sessions, the holidays, and the M&C steaks.

Thank you for being the best boyfriend, right from the very start;
Thank you for who you are and everything you’ve done, thank you from the very bottom of my heart.